- Thesis statement -

My tentative title: Reenvisioning Mesoamerican Iconography in Chicano Ideology: Another Look or Perspective on an American Identity

1 - I have become intrigued by Chicano ideology for some time now. I have always wondered of the claims of activists on their actual knowledge and understanding of Mesoamerican ideology as well as iconography. Past identity buidling strategies have been used to unify a collective workforce for strategic union and labor reforms. Now that these reforms have passed and "Chicanos" no longer are tied to the land as was assumed a generation ago, what is the new identity to aspire to? To me, those old modes of image making no longer apply and need to be updated.
2 - Chicano identity has been traditionally tied to native groups by borrowing traditions geared to earth deity complex relationships. The earth mother is invoked and venerated as the supreme deity who is also manifest as the Virgen de Guadalupe through the myth/story of Juan Diego. These ideas reinforce steriotypical attitudes towards Mexican Americans who are treated as second rate citizens and are thought of as large working class community. There is no longer a need to by tied to the earth complex as many Mexican Americans no longer speak Spanish much like other native groups in Mexico that are also monolingual but in their traditional native tongues: glottal stops and all! With this in mind, I will attempt a new understanding of Mexican identity building utilizing core Maya calendrical and shamanistic practices as a primer for the new ideology.

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