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The Missions: Ysleta del Sur
One of the first films Dr. Koontz wanted was of the El Paso/Juarez missions. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any footage of the Juarez mission, but I did make two films on the missions in El Paso. The Missions are an example of some of the earliest western architectural forms in the New World. They are undeniably important for study by those interested not only in architecture, but also in religions studies. These are examples of holy places built by the Spanish friars to begin their evangelical conversion of the Native Americans.

I shot most of the footage for Ysleta del Sur first. I had so much video, I had to trim more than 3/4 to make the desirable web length. The video almost made itself, it was shot almost completely in sequence which proved to be fruitful in the editing process later. I had great daylight and utilized it all to the fullest. I also had no problems with interiors, most of the problems came when I had to cut some of the shots out because of the length.

For the music, I decided to go with something which was reverential while at the same time gave an ethereal sense of being there. I chose a piece by Vangelis which is off the new issue of the Blade Runner soundtrack. It is not in the film and is a track inspired by the music of the film. Regardless, I felt that although it is a secular piece of music I felt that it had a reverence to it, perhaps in regards to the film which inspired its creation which I thought fit the mood of the images. The choir loft from the interior shots gives a sense of place and a potential origin for the haunting vocal.