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El Paso del Norte: Luxury in El Paso
A taste of luxury in El Paso. This video was easy to make, it was not difficult to decide what to shoot and how to edit. The building shows you what is important, all it asks is for the spectator to be sensitive to the particular aesthetic of its architectural style. Even if the architectural style is not completely obvious, it is a building which most anybody will find to be impressively beautiful.

This was probably the most straightforward of the videos to edit. I shot most of it in sequence and did not utilize any stills or introduce other media into the video. I did however on several occasions play some of the video in reverse to keep the continuity of the movement of the camera pans. This helps to propel the visual narrative as the speaker expounds on the specific architectural details of the building. This was done in such a way so the effect is virtually undetectable and therefore does not interfere with the narrative flow. I kept this in mind as I edited the video. I utilized dissolves throughout to maintain a rhythm and a sort of elegance in certain sequences which I hope will reinforce the importance of this prestige architecture.

I chose another Yokko Kano musical cue from the film Macross Plus to tie the video together. While it is taken from the same film which earlier I mentioned is full of martial themes, this time I implemented a track whose emotional undercurrents fit right in with the distinctive and impressive hotel. I hoped the jazzy waltz would remind the viewer that this hotel was and is the place to entertain and impress visitors and tourists as they journey to and past the Paso del Norte.