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El Paso Public Sculpture: Don Juan de Oñate
For this video, I contacted Nick Hauser of the El Paso Community Foundation. He is the brother of the sculptor of the statue which is currently being constructed in Mexico City. Nick Hauser explains in the video the process of making the statue and at the same time gives us some facts about the initial planning stages of the project. He allowed me to videotape a moquette of the proposed statue which is in the offices of the Community Foundation in the Cortez Building. This bronze sculpture is meant to provide the citizens of El Paso with a visual artifact of the work in process. Hauser also made the bronze sculpture and included a human figure so as to give a sense of scale to the Oñate sculpture. I did not provide any musical track with this video. I felt that the images and stills along with the narration by Nick Hauser should be left better unobstructed without music or sound effects.